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By Jason Lloyd is an aesthetically driven brand specializing in

design, production, and styling for world-wide luxury experiences.


Formed as a conceptual and creative endeavor,

By Jason Lloyd has a blank space right at the beginning of the

name with the idea that we can fill in the blank together.


We are open for creative interpretation and here to 

turn your wildest dreams into realities!

Meet Jason



Jason was born with an exuberant, adventurous spirit, and has made it his life's mission to explore the world and dive head-first into all of the cultures, food, and incredible wonders that it has to offer...and he wants to take you with!


He is passionate about creating experiences that are incredibly unique, well designed, and that have a global consciousness in mind. Aesthetically driven in every endeavor, he strives to create original experiences with a careful combination of showmanship and creative efforts.


Jason received his B.F.A in Drama Performance from San Francisco State University. (Hey fellow theatre nerds!) He has worked professionally as a scenic painter and stage manager; which has greatly contributed to his ability to see the bigger picture as well as his precision in the organization of a show, production, or event. 


While in school, Jason worked his way up in the food and beverage industry in San Francisco, aiding in the opening of two well-known restaurants, as well a luxury private club and boutique hotel. Although he is very laid back himself, his understanding of hospitality and of white glove service show through and he has aided recognized planners, floral designers, top tech companies, and fabulous socialites in planning exclusive, luxury events.


Jason currently lives in Los Angeles where he runs his creative brand and travels both domestically and internationally to design, style, and produce events and theatrical productions. He is well versed in intimate gatherings, as well as large-scale productions and is original, eccentric, genuine, and a go-getter. 

 “My hope is that we form a connection during the planning and execution of your event or production.

I strive to work with others like myself that are creative souls, and who are trying to stand apart from the pack. Let's chat!”

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