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Thinking Outside the Box: Dinner Party Décor with an Unconventional Approach

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Dinner table set with organic ingredients and trinkets as a table runner

Dried flowers hang decoratively over the dining table

Indian Bazaar meets Opium Den at this cozy dinner table I designed and set in the Los Angles Forrest on the out skirts of Sylmar, CA. The forrest was still and quiet that day and the sun twinkled through the trees like illuminated confetti. There was no one around but us and it was magical.

Organic elements, recylced trinkets, and black taper candles act as a table runner; cascading effortlessly down the center of dining table. I chose to forgo fresh flowers and used dried petals that I recycled both on the table and in a floral installation above. I built a custom table that sat low to the ground, and made pillows in saturated hues for a cozy and intimate feeling.

The overall drive behind this design was twofold: a need to showcase how fabulous you can make any event in your life, including a simple dinner party, and to inspire the use of unconventional items in your decorating.

Pair of hands finding the perfect place for organic cinnamon sticks to rest

For those of you who love to host parties, but don't always have time for elaborate decor or the money for fresh flowers, unconventional items make a great alternative. Using unconventional items in your table and buffet/bar decor can be a fun challenge to take on, with stunning results.

For this design I was inspired by the saturated colors and imagery of a bustling marketplace, or bazaar. I used a combination of baskets, bowls, and pottery from around my house in conjunction with organic elements like raw spices and produce to create a table runner. I found the bronze candlesticks, as well as the taper candles at a local thrift store for added drama.

The point is, you can use items from around your house like succulents, books, tchotchkes, organic produce, etc etc to create something spectacular. Oh, and candles. Always have candles and your design will shine.

So why not go a little over the top when you invite friends and loved ones over for dinner? I personally love entertaining, and when I do, I do it loud and proud. Think outside the box and use things you already have in new and interesting ways. Your guests will be pleasantly surprised and you will find it is the topic of conversation the entire evening. Get out there and be Creative! Be eccentric! More is More!

Stunning custom table set for dinner in the Los Angeles forrest
Vintage trinkets and organic elements are styled together to act as a table runner
Dried flowers and gold beads hang over the dining table
A place setting set along the table runner consisting of organic elements and trinkets
A carved wooden box filled with dried flower petals
A brass urn of chilis sits next to a ceramic jar of peprika
A place setting at the dining table in the Los Angeles forrest
A large wooden spoon sets in a basket of tumeric

Books act as a riser for items to be set on for the table runner
Custom pillows in bold hues act as seating for guests at the low dining table
Custom low dining table set in the Los Angeles forrest

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