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A Romantic Winter Wedding in Idaho

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Sun Valley Idaho in mid-winter, covered in snow

I took a trip to Sun Vally, Idaho this winter and got a tiny glimpse of what a real winter is like. As a native Californian I don't get to experience true season changes like other parts of the world so seeing what I would describe as a 'real winter' was an incredible experience. The beauty of the area was astounding and I was inspired to take clients back someday for a magical winter wedding. I just need to find the right client first. Here's the story...

We took off from sunny Los Angeles, where it was 75 degrees and clear blue skies, and landed on a tiny runway covered in ice and snow. (We landed in the dark, so I couldn't see the ice and snow but I just took the pilot's word for it.)

Ski resort covered in snow

It wasn't until I woke up the next morning that I had the opportunity to take in my full surroundings. We were nestled in the middle of the Sawtooth National Forrest, which is part of the Smoky Mountains of Idaho. The entire mountain range had been covered by snow overnight, leaving a blanket of white as far as the eye could see. The snow was so fresh that there weren't even any foot prints on roads or streets and every tree was topped perfectly with white.

We toured around for a few days and I was inspired by the endless beauty of the area. There was something so alluring about the seemingly untouched landscape and the vast beauty of this place. It was all so magical and romantic.

This gave me an idea. I started to think how beautiful a winter wedding would be, hidden away in Sun Valley alongside mother nature in all her glory. I began to imagine the perfect client and decor for the situation and started to paint a picture of what a fabulous wedding could look like in this setting.

Mood Board for a winter wedding in Idaho

In my mind, a bride with Native American heritage, and a current career in fashion came to me and wanted a romantic winter wedding in Idaho, where her grandparents had a cabin. I designed a mood board for the event based on what I felt when I visited in the area, and with the imaginary preferences of the client in mind, while also paying tribute to the local history and culture.

Textural Mood board for a winter wedding in Idaho

Once I had a mood board, I used that as the inspiration for the overall design and added textures that would suit the aesthetic. I developed the color palette further and incorporated textiles, paint chips, and a few organic elements that would compliment the design. I carefully chose props and styling items to enhance the viewing pleasure of the guests and expanded upon my original design ideas, using the original mood board to help create to overall feeling that I wanted guests to experience at the event.

Floral arrangement and styling props for a winter wedding

The next step in the design process was to create a floral arrangement that would compliment the event's aesthetic. I chose variations of white, grey, and cream for the floral color palette and decided to use hand-made American pottery as the vessels for each arrangement. Since this was all for a make believe wedding, I decided to blog it all and put it out there with the hopes that the universe will bring me a client someday who wants to take this magical journey. Sun Valley was beautiful, serene, romantic, and offered lots for visitors to do while staying in the area. It was the perfect place to host a winter wedding. So what are you waiting for?! Let's go!

Note about this blog post: As I travel the world and continue to be inspired by people and places, I am going to design make believe events and tell the universe and whoever is listening that I want to go back someday and take special clients to these magical places. I invite you to follow along, be inspired, travel the world, and live your best life! Adventure is out there!

Textural elements for a winter wedding in Idaho

Floral arrangement for a winter wedding

Texture and color palette for a winter wedding in Idaho

Floral arrangement for a winter wedding in Idaho

Floral arrangement for a winter wedding in Idaho

Textural mood board for a winter wedding
Close up of a floral arrangement for a winter wedding
Floral Arrangement for a winter wedding

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